As the saying goes ‘When you use a small business, an actual person does a happy dance!’ 

Now most of the time we do not actually dance in the office (although I have been known to if Wham comes on the radio. By the way this is Lorna NOT Ian!) It is true that when you are dealing with a small company you are talking to people who care about the job they do and the company they work for. In other words, you are not just a number and a contribution to a yearly bonus!

Small businesses care. They are fighting the bigger companies for every sale and job. You can always speak to an actual person who wants to help and who will go above and beyond. Now, post Covid this is more imperative. We are all working harder to keep our businesses running smoothly with fewer resources and we have all been forced to adjust with the changes in the economy but this is where us and many small businesses shine – we can be so much more flexible! 

We Punch Above..  

Throughout lockdown there has been the realisation that some small businesses were struggling, and many jumped to support the village gift shops, bakeries, fishmongers and so on. This trend has continued as Joe Public has realised that by using the shops in the village and buying local makes the service that extra special. They also offer that personal touch with local deliveries and a diverse range. Better than Pret!

Small businesses have so much more to offer than some of its bigger competitors. Often with a small company everything happens under one roof which has been another major advantage through lockdown. We have a small number of staff in the office and so have many of our customers – some are family run, meaning that they (like us) were able to continue working in our family/small bubble. No need to involve the compliance department of a head office. Things are done quickly and efficiently rather than waiting on the committee! 

By being available for all our customers by phone, Facebook, Twitter or even WHATSAPP or even text (for the love of god we even have one customer that still sends us faxes!) offers them that personal touch – and by offering them a friendly voice rather than that a stranger in a call centre where, let’s face it you are just a another number. We can connect even if it’s just to discuss the weather or our favourite tipple…(mine’s a gin by the way!)

We can offer a greater level of expertise; we network more. This enables us to have lots of likeminded contacts and partners in the UK and overseas. They keep us informed with how things are on the ground around the world. (From China to Chile). In the UK we are regularly in touch with our local Chambers of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses and Institute of Directors so we are in the know – Especially about Brexit! That’s a blog I’ll leave to Ian!! 

Our customers come to us knowing that we are good at what we do. We have confidence in our abilities and recognise what our customers need and want. 




So there you go. Not like we’re blowing our own trumpet but customer satisfaction is key. There is nothing like the buzz of really pleasing the customer!

And that’s a feeling you only get as a small business. 

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