Life after Lockdown

When we were ringing in the New Year I don’t think anybody could’ve imagined that by March we would be in the middle of a pandemic.

Many working remotely at dining tables, desks in kitchens and then for those with children the ‘dreaded’ homeschooling!!! AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!

2020 will be the year that will go down in history. It’s tragically affected so many globally.

Some of us have taken up hobbies, learnt new skills or like myself, worked on my lockdown tan!!

Skype, Zoom and teams became the new way of meeting people with a constant string of interuptions from kids and animals!

We have innovated, adapted and adopted to so many ways of working and we have also worked proactively to prepare for changes in advance of them happening. 

As the country starts to get back to the ‘new’ normal we are starting to return to ‘business as usual’.

So, what have we learned from the last 4 months?? 

Well, I think it’s given us all perspective on whats important. There are so many of us that have been unable to see our friends and family. We’ve missed the simple things,. A hug. 

Many of us can now work remotely if necessary and businesses can still function! Wahooo! That goes for us in shipping too!

Yes, its been challenging at times, but with a plentiful supply of gin, biscuits and cake here at Neon Freight we can take on anything. We even have a couple of new team members!

Life after Lockdown!

In many countries, governments imposed “lockdown” to restrict the movements of its citizens and to control the rapid spread of the pandemic. 

However freight is moving! Ships are sailing and planes are returning to the skies!!

By keeping things simple and clear we can offer reassurance. With these hard times we have been successful in communicating well with our partners around the world that have also been working remotely. 

Here at Neon we invest in our customers, we provide a personal touch. 

So, If you need shipping advice, rates or just to know about various gins then give us a shout!

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