Due to high numbers of shipments, we enjoy very good discounts with all the major international courier companies. Whether it’s for documents to Damascus or parcels to Peru, we can arrange within minutes and email collection labels to you. Our cut off times are also quite late for those last moment samples!


We would advise that marine insurance is obtained for all cargo prior to shipment as it is unlikely that the level of liability conditions outlined within the shipping documentation issues will cover the cost of any claim. We use a respected broker’s online system and can have quotations back to you within moments and documents emailed to you straightaway.

Value added

We deal regularly with our “excellent!” local Chamber of commerce and can arrange export documentation (Certificates of Origin, ATR1, EUR1 etc) very quickly and efficiently. We believe in the power of networking and will work hard to find you connections to help your business grow! We also work with a variety of warehouses and fulfilment companies to help you with UK storage and distribution. This is definitely a growing area and we have a particular interest in it. We handle freight for many e-commerce companies and help them get going!